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Male, Age 59, I Live 25 miles east of Atlanta off I-20 in a city called Covington. I love going to flea markets, pawn shops, auctions, storage sales, yard sales ,good will, and many other places to buy and sell used items cheap and in great condition. I sell items much cheaper than I should compared to other users I see out there asking for the highest amount instead of great deal low prices like I sell at. In order for me to sell this low I have to buy super low..So as you can see I have to pass up on a lot of items that are selling way to high to start with, and have to hunt a lot longer and farther and faster than others to get items cheap enough for me to sell them cheap..That is probably the Jew in me that makes me want to save me and you money... Check out my items ,then check out my prices, then compare them to everyone else's, and you too will see what a great deal and low prices I offer.

I guess I can truly say this " Have I Got A Deal For You" and really mean it.
Have A Wonderful Day, and Thanks For Stopping By. Don't forget to put me on your favorites List.

I have no problem meeting people in most public locations including Police Departments if requested. Large items I sell will most likely be sold from my home. Small items I sell I usually meet at a Walmart or Gas Station or McDonald's.

I can ship items if needed. I like using PayPal when I do it. PayPal business that includes an Invoice and tracking numbers for shipping and guarantees both buyer and seller are protected. I do charge a packing and handling fee that I include in the shipping cost. I try to use USPS first then UPS or FedEx only if I have to, to keep the shipping cost down.

I offer free delivery as well as paid delivery, depending on the items size and weight and location.

I require exchanging phone numbers and a test message or call be made to test that phone number before I ever meetup with anyone at a meetup location. This is for yours and my protection. I will always call you when I am on my way to a preset meetup location just to make sure we are working together and both of us show up on time as planned. I always make an "I'm Here" Call or message notifying you I am here at the preset location. I will always call you early if I have any problems or delays getting to the meetup location on time and expect the same from you.

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